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3M Cumberland Place

Project Details

Project Sector/s:
Henry J Lyons
Project Manager:
Metec Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor:
Project Value:

Project Scope:

Tritech were engaged on this project as the mechanical building services engineering contractor. The project scope consisted of a complete new fit-out installation of the 4th, 5th & 6th floors of Cumberland Place. The mechanical building services scope consisted of the supply and installation of new above ground soils & wastes, domestic water services, VRF space heating & cooling system, mechanical ventilation, BMS & protective services.

Client vision/objectives:

The client had a very clear design objective in mind in terms of how the workspace would feel & function. The design focused on creating variety of work, collaboration and social spaces which provide a unique user experience for employees and visitors. Working alongside the client’s design team our goal was to ensure that the M&E services would complement that objective.

Unique challenges of the project:

The architectural and M&E services design for this project utilised 2D design. Given the large volume of M&E services, the tight nature of the service zone combined with the M&E services being exposed our project and coordination teams quickly elected to utilise 3D coordination software in order to coordinate this project. In order to do so they performed a point cloud laser scan of the 3No office floors. Detailed data points captured in the scan where then transformed into a digital 3D model that gave our teams an accurate detailed picture of the existing office spaces. They then took the 2D architectural and M&E design drawings and created a 3D representation of the proposed project. From there on all coordination was performed using 3D software.
The design development and coordination phase of this project was undertaken during covid lockdown. This established a unique challenge in that all parties involved were remote working.
As Lead coordinator it was imperative that our coordination and engineering teams had a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. As the majority of the M&E services were exposed the clients architectural design team were heavily involved in the appraisal of the M&E coordination. This created a unique challenge for our team in ensuring a balance between the M&E design consultant brief from a performance perspective and the architect’s requirement from an aesthetical position was achieved.
The original building design achieved LEED Platinum. Whilst undertaking design development our engineering team ensured that this standard was never compromised.

Tritech Methods/Innovations:

Right from the outset the project team engaged in a very positive fashion with the client and their design team. Under the guidance of our project PM the team’s first priority was to listen, so as to ensure that they had a clear understanding of the client and their design team’s objectives. From there on, Tritech acting as the Lead coordinator chaired multiple workshops where challenges were reviewed and resolved in a collaborative way. These workshops gave the opportunity for the client’s design team to provide feedback thus ensuring that this feedback was incorporated into the coordination process. This created a huge advantage from a project delivery perspective as the coordination was fully approved before commencement on site.
The M&E delivery teams commence installation under the knowledge that they were installing their services to a fully coordinated clash free design that was fully reviewed and approved by the design team. This ensured that there were no coordination issues on site which helped deliver the project on budget and programme.