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Confidential Client – Chiller Upgrade

Project Details

Project Sector/s:
Mission Critical
Project Manager:
Tritech Engineering
Main Contractor:
Tritech Engineering
Project Value:

Project Scope:

A confidential Data Centre company contracted Tritech Engineering to carry out a turnkey project for the replacement of four chillers within one of their primary buildings.
This entailed managing all facets of the project including traffic management, craneage, consulting with all stake holders including the ESB along with the mechanical and electrical elements of the project.

Phase 1: Decommission the existing chiller mechanically and electrically in line with a coordinated client contractor LOTO procedure.

Phase 2: Engage with, and coordinate traffic management and craneage in line with the business park management company and the clients stake holders. Oversee the removal of the existing chillers and craneage of the new chillers in a safe and planned manner in line with our specialist craneage contractor and the ESB.

Phase 3: Complete all mechanical and electrical terminations to the new chiller, all mechanical pipe work prefabricated off site to reduce risk to our operatives and the clients building whilst working in a live environment. All mechanical and electrical terminations are torqued and witnessed by the client throughout the phasing of the project.

Phase 4: Fully commission the plant including an IST. QAQC reports and client verification to be conducted at each phase of the project.
Each chillers will be removed in sequence to ensure there is sufficient contingency to the chilled water system to the building.

Client vision/objectives:

The client expects a high standard finish conducted in a professional manner as there are stakeholders working within the building during project operations.
A priority for the client is quality assurance and confidence in our testing and commissioning process, we achieved this by implementing a plant tagging system mapping the process from installation to IST.

Unique challenges of the project:

Along with the challenges of working in a live environment for a mission critical client, we also had to contend with the location of the existing chillers beneath 110KV overhead lines. We successfully liaised with the ESB in order to achieve programme dates without causing any disruption to the day-to-day operations of the relevant stake holders.

Tritech Methods/Innovations:

Tritech consulted with all stakeholders on the project to ensure a clear line of communication during the programming phase.
Offsite fabrication and just in time deliveries were utilised to reduce health and safety and operational site risk.
Colour coded plant tagging was introduced in conjunction with each phase from installation to energisation in order to provide clarity to all trades and the client.