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Confidential Client – Plant Upgrade

Project Details

Project Sector/s:
Mission Critical
Project Manager:
Tritech Engineering
Main Contractor:
Tritech Engineering
Project Value:

Project Scope:

Tritech Group was appointed by Data Centre landlord to undertake a phased plant upgrade of chillers and AHU’s (free issue) on an existing live data centre. Our scope included management of the site logistics and cranage, PSCS, mechanical and electrical systems alterations for new equipment, commissioning & QA/QC.

Client vision/objectives:

The client wanted reassurance that the task was deliverable in a set time frame and contingency plans were thought out to ensure all stakeholders were aware of the options available if we encountered unforeseen difficulties.

Unique challenges of the project:

The Challanges included;
Proximity of equipment to telecom mast.

Building located in a busy business park.

Restricted site.

Inclement weather (Q1 programme)

Tritech Methods/Innovations:

Management engaged with the adjoining businesses and developed a traffic management plan for the crane lift days. A lifting plan was developed with the crane provider to manage the risk to local telecom mast. Off site fabrication of new piping arrangements ensured minimum period where the facility had no backup plant solution.