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Confidential Client – White Room Fit-out

Project Details

Project Sector/s:
Project Manager:
Tritech Engineering
Main Contractor:
Tritech Engineering
Project Value:

Project Scope:

Tritech Group was appointed by the Data Centre owners to deliver a white room fit-out for a prospective tenant. Our scope included the installation of free issue CRAC units and connection to the existing site mechanical and electrical services shell and core services. Validation, commissioning, QA & QC. Factory acceptance testing was managed by the client and Tritech was responsible for Level 2 - component verification before offloading, Level 3 - Pre Commissioning / Pre Functional Testing to ensure our installations have been appropriately installed and align with the drawings, construction information, design requirements, code compliance, and manufacturers’ guidelines. Level 4 - Component / System Functional Performance Testing, on completion of level 3 and equipment start-up we brought together the various systems and integrated to allow our independent commissioning agent and project team verify they are operating as per the project requirements. Level 5 – Integrated System Testing to focus on proving that all systems can work together and meet the expected design and project requirements. Level 6 – Close out / Turnover / Handover, our managed handover ensuring the data centre has been proved to be operating as per the project requirements and design.

Client vision/objectives:

Client wanted an emphases on operational control procedures for project teams in a secure and live environment. A priority for the client was quality insurance and this was delivered with our structured commissioning levels approach.

Unique challenges of the project:

There are always additional challenges when working in a live environment as existing systems are operational therefore more controls are required and authorised persons assigned roles on the project to avoid issues and regularly communicate the ever changing environment that our crews are working in.

Tritech Methods/Innovations:

Tritech developed and introduced flow diagrams, responsibility matrices, and programs, for each level of commissioning & validation.

Offsite fabrication and just in time deliveries reduced the health & safety and operational site risk.