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Fifteen Georges Quay

Project Details

Project Sector/s:
IPUT Real Estate Dublin
Burke-Kennedy Doyle Architects
Project Manager:
Metec Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor:
Project Value:

Project Scope:

Tritech Group was appointed as the specialist mechanical and electrical services contractor for the prestigious 15 Georges Quay project. This appointment underscores our expertise and commitment to excellence in delivering comprehensive shell & core supply, installation, and commissioning services.

Client vision/objectives:

IPUT's vision for Fifteen Georges Quay encompassed an innovative transformation of a prime city centre office into a modern, sustainable building designed to meet the future needs of the workplace.

Unique challenges of the project:

Retrofitting services into an existing structure presents unique challenges distinct from those in new construction. Space constraints and load-bearing limitations necessitate extensive modifications and meticulous assessments. Safety management during these activities demands careful planning and stringent measures.

Tritech Methods/Innovations:

Overcoming the challenges of retrofitting services into an existing structure requires a strong emphasis on collaborative methods and effective coordination. Establishing a robust communication plan is crucial, involving regular meetings and updates to ensure all stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients, are informed and aligned throughout the project. Close collaboration between these parties enables the sharing of insights and expertise, fostering innovative solutions to unforeseen issues. Employing collaborative project management tools can facilitate real-time information sharing and decision-making. Additionally, engaging specialised supply chain partners with experience in retrofitting can bring valuable perspectives and techniques to the project. This integrated approach not only enhances problem-solving capabilities but also ensures that safety protocols and quality standards are consistently maintained, ultimately leading to smoother project execution.