7 ways your M&E contractor can promote wellness in your workplace

May 5, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employee wellness is essential for both the workforce’s physical and mental health. Wellness Month is the perfect time to focus on implementing measures to promote employee wellness. One effective way to achieve this goal is by working with your mechanical and electrical contractor to optimise your building by implementing the following services:

1. Air Quality

Well-ventilated workplaces with air filters that filter out air-borne bacteria and viruses can significantly improve indoor air quality, improving mental clarity and reducing the risk of workplace-related illnesses.

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2. Temperature Control

Digitally automated heating systems that adapt to the seasonal changes in weather can help maintain a comfortable work environment, boost employee morale, and reduce sick days. The energy savings also have a very positive effect on the mental wellbeing of the finance department!

3. Catering

A well-designed and lit tea & coffee station or canteen promotes a relaxed environment for employees’ breaks, encouraging socialisation, and reducing stress levels.


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4. Lighting

Task lighting can help maintain focus while working, reducing eye fatigue, preventing burnout and the dreaded afternoon slump. Digitally adjustable and automated lighting can further enhance employee wellness, providing optimal lighting conditions for different activities.



5. Wi-Fi

Fast Wi-Fi throughout the building and surrounding external areas can enable employees to work in different areas encouraging movement throughout the day.

6. Smart-enabled building management systems

Automated meeting room booking systems can enable clear scheduling and reduce wasted time waiting for availability, promoting a more efficient work environment.

7. Greenery

Plants throughout the workplace promote wellness, reducing stress levels and improving air quality. Automated watering and lighting systems can ensure that greenery flourishes indoors, with minimal maintenance.

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Creating a healthy and productive workplace environment is crucial for employee wellness and productivity. Get in touch with Tritech to find out more about how you can promote a healthier and more efficient work environment.