Award Winning Safety

October 20, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

Tritech have won two awards at the All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards 2023. We were awarded a Higher Distinction award, as well as a Consistent High Achiever award.

The All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards are Ireland’s premier safety awards, recognising organisations that demonstrate excellence in health and safety management. The awards are judged by a panel of experts, and the criteria include the organisation’s safety management system, its commitment to employee training and development, and its performance in terms of accidents and injuries.

The Higher Distinction award is testament to our commitment to creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and the Consistent High Achiever Award recognises Tritech consistently achieving high standards of safety over a period of time

We are grateful to our employees for their dedication to safety, and to our management team for their support and leadership.

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