CIF Construction Safety Month 2023: Celebrating Safety at Tritech

November 15, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

With our culture at Tritech one that is rooted in the mantra of “Safety First”, we look upon Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Construction Safety Month as an opportunity to celebrate the promotion of better safety, health, and wellbeing in construction.

To promote our safety culture, in October we offered a variety of training courses during Construction Safety Month to educate our employees on the true meaning of safety and how to deal with critical risks such as working at height, driving and working with hazardous substances, and electrical safety. We also launched pledge boards to encourage everyone to stay focused on health and safety.

For 2023, Construction Safety Month focused on controlling critical risks and what each and every one of us can do to reduce and eliminate them as hazards. Examples of critical risks include things like working at height, access and egress, working around hidden power cables or pipes, and use of mobile plant and machinery, particularly where there is pedestrian traffic.

Controlling critical risks

Critical risks, if not controlled, can lead to significant injury or fatality. These risks occur regularly in the everyday activities we carry out during the course of our work. Because of their frequent nature, the potential for complacency to creep in around them is high. It’s therefore vital that we have in place a system to manage and eliminate the likelihood of critical risks causing harm – and we have just that at Tritech, in the form of our 5 P’s.

Tritech’s Guiding Principles – Our 5 P’s

Everything we do at Tritech, particularly when it comes to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is built on the 5 P’s.

1. People: Maintaining good relationships with all of our staff and members of the design and construction teams we work with improves communication. Welcoming inputs from different skill sets and perspectives also gives us the ability to look at risks from every angle and deal with them in fresh, innovative ways.

2. Process: Building information modelling (BIM) is a process that uses technology to manage all of the information in the architecture, engineering, and construction of a building. The 3D model this information produces helps us to identify any potential design flaws or hazards to workers before we even get to the site.

3. Performance: We are regularly audited and certified for our safety standards by several third parties including CIF and RGI. We are also proud members of NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation), where our EHS achievements have been rewarded frequently over the last number of years. In 2019, we were accredited with ISO 45001:2018.

4. Partnering: By engaging and working only with reputable, hand-picked suppliers and collaborators who source nothing but the highest quality equipment and components, we work in a way that is ethical, fair, transparent and above all, safe and sustainable.

5. Prevention:Our teams take a preventative approach to the engineering, management, and regulation of building services by using design and decision-making processes that prevent or minimise any incident or accident.

The Tritech Safety Committee

As mentioned above, we value the input of each and every individual within our organisation, because we believe every suggestion could lead to the enhancement of our safety culture. Our Safety Committee is represented by staff from all divisions of Tritech and is made up of people passionate about maintaining and protecting safety and wellbeing across our business. The committee creates a sense of comfort and security for employees to air concerns around site safety. It meets monthly to discuss safety in Tritech and how to constantly improve and better our safety culture amongst our workforce. The ongoing benefit of this for our clients is that we are constantly raising our standards in safety and risk reduction as we move from one project to the next.

Training & Continuous Improvement

Changing our behaviour is more important and much more effective than changing our processes. Our in-house academy was established to sharpen the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Regular training for our team includes Managing Safety in Construction, CIF Site Supervisor training for all management personnel, and regular training for all staff. In 2020 we launched our Training Academy to focus on upskilling our apprentices and tradespeople with health and safety programmes on topics including behavioural-based safety. We run regular onsite safety campaigns and competitions with awards to acknowledge the efforts of our workforce.

Recognised for our culture of safety again in 2023

At the 2023 All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards, Tritech picked up two awards in the form of a Higher Distinction and Consistent High Achiever prices. These are Ireland’s premier safety awards and recognise excellence in health and safety management. Judged by a panel of industry experts, criteria include an organisation’s safety management system, commitment to employee training and development, and performance in terms of reducing or eliminating accidents and injuries.

Receiving the Higher Distinction award is proof of our commitment to creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, while the Consistent High Achiever award is a great acknowledgement of Tritech’s consistent standards of safety.

Safety first. Safety always.

In 2022, Shareleen Jansen Van Vuuren was appointed to the role of H&S Manager for all group activities within Tritech. With 14 years’ significant experience as a professional construction EHS manager, Shareleen is driving our business to achieve high-end health, safety, and environmental compliance.

If you would like to know more about our safety-focused culture and the standards of health and safety protection we will bring to your project, get in touch with Tritech today. We’re here to help and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.