Guest Blog: Bernard Denver MD of Metec

April 5, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

Today we’re very proud to bring you a guest post from MD of MetecBernard Denver.

Bernard is a Chartered Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in both the Public and Private Sectors which includes experience in office developments and fitouts, retail, hotel and leisure, healthcare, education and residential sectors.

Bernard graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with an Honours Degree in Building Services Engineering in 1996, is a Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland, a Fellow Professional Consulting Engineer with ACEI (Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland), a committee member of the ACEI Building Engineering Services and has a Masters in Sustainability.

Bernard’s career is a reflection of his deep commitment to studying and learning, to innovating and communicating, and to energy efficiency.

Indeed Capital Dock

Indeed Capital Dock is a project we were very proud and excited to take on, but it was not a project without its challenges.

The base building was a Cat A grey box, and required mapping of the layout of the space, which we achieved through Revit. Myself and Metec have always been champions of BIM Engineering and 3D Modelling. This project allowed us to, once again, demonstrate the benefits of this technology through our expertise and experience.

Furthermore, with the early handover dates approaching, our use of offsite construction coordination ensured that all programme deadlines were met including the completion of the MDF/IDF (Main Distribution Frame/Independent Distribution Frame) networks.

Collaboration with Tritech

This is just one in a long list of successful collaborative projects with Tritech. They were responsible for the Cat B fitout of the office, and we were impressed with their conduct, their performance, and the accuracy of their work.

Adding value to spaces

Our goal is always to add quality to the spaces we work on, and to provide excellent services and comfort for the tenants. At Indeed Capital Dock, we not only installed dedicated catering services, but also achieved full compliance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) obligations, including a new LEED Gold compliant energy metering solution. As well as this, the ventilation we provided is of a much higher quality than the standards required. We’re incredibly proud of the work we achieved here, and the quality we brought to the project for our clients.

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