How the Tritech 5Ps ensure Safety First is Tritech’s Culture CIF H&S Week 2022

October 24, 2022 Published by Tritech Engineering

We are excited to officially participate in CIF Construction Safety Week here at Tritech! This annual national awareness campaign is aimed at promoting positive safety and health amongst Ireland’s construction workers, clients and industry stakeholders. The goal is to generate engagement and further promote a culture of safety, health and wellbeing in construction.

At Tritech everything we do, including EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety), is underpinned by the Tritech principles – the 5 Ps. Safety is integral to our principals and has been since the day we were formed over 20 years ago. 

We recently turned to our teams to ask what slogan they felt best conveyed our approach to health and safety and the winner by a country mile was Safety First – Our Culture. From senior management to admin staff the resounding response was that safety is behaviour and compliance driven so we have all played our part in embedding it in our culture and our mission.


Understanding our approach to EHS through the Tritech 5 Ps.



Everything we do starts with People. Maintaining good relationships with staff, design teams and real estate professionals is based on a mutual understanding that loyalty is a two-way street. We proudly embrace our Irishness and enjoy the craic while always welcoming and learning from diverse cultures. This has manifested itself in our EHS training through the implementation of unique and interactive courses, annual and once off events and behavioural based learning. 

As well as this we have developed a range of EHS initiatives such as site safety leader boards, safety representative committees, rebranding competitions, and regular onsite safety campaigns and competitions with awards to acknowledge outstanding efforts.

We understand that our staff want a career and not just a job, so we structure our health and safety training to reflect their goals and ambitions while at the same time aligning with the needs of our clients and partners. We have enhanced our commitment to employee development by launching our own in-house Academy which serves to sharpen the knowledge and skills of our employees.



Processes are a necessary part of everything we do but in particular with health and safety since there are such high stakes for everyone involved. The Tritech EHS process begins with a workshop where we identify and research the recognised need. 

Once the extensive research has been completed, we move to start imagining. This is the time when our innovative spirit kicks in and we brainstorm collaboratively and supportively across functions to develop the best possible solution to the need we’re currently facing. 

From there, it’s time to start planning and modelling how this solution can be implemented and incorporated with our existing processes and values. When we’re aligned on the best plan, we step over into the creation phase where testing and evaluation are introduced. What works well on paper may not work well on-site and we use this time to critically analyse the effects of any changes we’ve introduced. 

Lastly and most importantly we continually seek to improve. Health and Safety is a journey, not a destination so we are always modifying and retesting the solution to see if there exists a better way. 



Performance is paramount to delivering on our promises. There is no substitute for reliable delivery. When it comes to EHS, our outstanding health and safety record speaks for itself. We are also proud members of NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation) and our Health & Safety achievements have been rewarded with regular “Distinction” awards over the last number of years.



With our projects we always start with the occupier and work backwards. We do this by dedicating resources to sourcing products and developing a design that produces an incredible experience for the people in the building. Engaging and working with our partners is done in a way that is ethical, fair, transparent and above all, safe and sustainable.

For this year’s CIF Safety week, we are running a number of events across our sites covering the CIF chosen focus topics of; Safe Access & Egress, Safe Working at Height, Safe Control of Hazardous Energies, Safety by Example and Safe Use of Mobile Equipment. These events range across sectors and sites and include a variety of in-house awareness training, internal presentations, external safety demonstrations, mental health talks and even the offering of flu vaccines onsite.  When we work safer together everybody wins. 



Our teams take a preventative approach to the engineering, management, and regulation of building services by using design and decision-making processes that obtain the optimum results while preventing or minimising any undesired effects. Approaching everything with this mentality means that health and safety is naturally ingrained in everything we do. 

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