Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: Tritech’s Highlights and Successes in 2023

January 16, 2024 Published by Tritech Engineering

As we wrap up the pages of 2023, we take a moment to celebrate a year filled with accomplishments, milestones, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our journey throughout the past year has been marked by a dedication to innovation, employee wellbeing, thought leadership, health and safety, changes within Team Tritech, successful project completions, wins, and a meaningful focus on giving back to our community.

Thought Leadership: Shaping the Future of Construction

In 2023, Tritech continued to be at the forefront of thought leadership in the construction industry. From articles on Life Cycle Analysis and the role of women in construction to exploring sustainable practices and the significance of Building Information Modelling (BIM), our team shared insights, expertise, and innovative solutions that contribute to the industry’s evolution.

breaking barriers

In April we were very proud to bring you a guest post from MD of Metec Consulting Engineers, Bernard Denver. Bernard’s career is a reflection of his deep commitment to studying and learning, to innovating and communicating, and to energy efficiency. We look forward to collaborating on future projects and building our engineering partnership.

Changes to Team Tritech: Investing in People and Technology

In 2023, Tritech welcomed Paul Doyle, an experienced Mechanical Contracts Manager, and saw Barry Kennedy‘s well-deserved promotion to Pre-Construction Director. In October, Rory Daly joined the leadership team as Construction Director, showcasing the company’s dedication to nurturing talent from within.


In our article, Why investing in our people and technology matters at Tritech we discussed how Tritech’s commitment to investing in both people and technology has helped us build employee retention and retain top talent, leading to teams that have a true sense of purpose and are fully engaged with the objectives of each project.

Project Completions and Wins: Engineering Success

Our team successfully completed notable projects, including Sandyford Central, Etsy Clink Hostel, Unit R at The Aerodrome Business Park, and Wincanton Distribution Centre. Additionally, we secured prestigious projects like Rosslare Europort Development, Castleforbes Residential Development, Google’s Treasury Building, RCSI Project Connect, and Hangar 6 Upgrade at Dublin Airport.

data centres


Health and Safety: A Culture of Safety Always

Safety is not just a priority at Tritech; it’s ingrained in our culture. We celebrated Safety Awareness Day with keynote speaker James (Jimmy) Gorry and took home two awards at the NISO All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards, recognising our unwavering commitment to health and safety. Our ‘Safety First’ culture was showcased through powerful videos, emphasising the importance of safe behaviours every day.

safety first

Business Events and Recognition: A Commitment to Excellence

Tritech’s commitment to excellence was showcased in a dedicated blog post, highlighting our achievements in strategic direction, health and safety, sustainability, technology, pre-construction, and training. We were recognised as the 17th largest Specialist Contractor in Ireland by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), a testament to our steady growth.

enter the eurozone

In August Joe Delaney and Chris Duffy had their sights set on Sweden after successfully completing the Enter The Eurozone program with Enterprise Ireland.

Employee Wellbeing Initiatives: Fostering a Healthy and Happy Workplace

At Tritech, the wellbeing of our employees is a top priority. In January, we kicked off the year with a Tritech Wellbeing Smoothie Morning, bringing the team together for a refreshing start. Throughout the year, we participated in various events, from National Wellbeing Day to the Darkness Into Light fundraiser, to the Staff Relay Series with PwC Ireland in Phoenix Park underlining our commitment to creating a workplace where safety, happiness, and good health are paramount.

On Friday 28th of April, Tritech celebrated World Health & Safety Day and Workers’ Memorial Day. Two very important causes. The Tritech EHS Team held toolbox talks on site as well as in the office. Our EHS Manager, Shareleen Jansen van Vuuren, Maintenance Account Manager, Liam Curry, and Technical Sales Administrator, Bob Doyle, were good enough to assist us to promote Workers’ Memorial Day.


In our article, 7 ways your M&E contractor can promote wellness in your workplace we explored how in today’s fast-paced work environment, employee wellness is essential for both the workforce’s physical and mental health. Wellness Month is the perfect time to focus on implementing measures to promote employee wellness. One effective way to achieve this goal is by working with your mechanical and electrical contractor to optimise your building.

Tritech spent the month of May celebrating bees, by selling seeds for bee pollinators and donating all money raised to the Irish Bee Conservation Project.

The first annual Tritech Football Tournament on Saturday, July 21st had a fantastic turnout with 5 teams competing in a close-run competition, with Bennie & The Jets winning out in the final. We were proud to raise €5000 for Feileacain SANDAI, a charity that supports families affected by perinatal loss.


Apprentices and Interns: Nurturing Future Talent

In November, Tritech’s Apprentice Academy was recognised again through the outstanding achievements of our three apprentice nominees at the Apprentice of the Year Awards in the Mansion House, Dublin: Scott Kincaid, Daniel Conroy and Liam Mc Garry.


Our Apprentice of the Year Winner 2022, Gareth Mullen, delivered an inspiring speech about his journey over the past year. We engaged with interns at TU Dublin, providing them with valuable insights into the industry.

Giving Back: A Community-Centric Approach

As the year drew to a close, Tritech’s annual Christmas Jumper Day raised an impressive €1250 for LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. This heartwarming initiative showcased the generosity and community spirit that defines Team Tritech.


As we bid farewell to 2023, Tritech looks forward to building on these successes, embracing new challenges, and continuing to lead the way in mechanical, electrical, and maintenance contracting. Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2024!

Would you like to know more about how our approach to investing in our people and technology can add value to your building or project? Or maybe you’re looking for a mechanical, electrical and maintenance contractor that truly values its people and are considering your next career move? Well then why not contact Tritech today.