Synergies that can be achieved by appointing the same contractor for mechanical & electrical works

October 11, 2022 Published by Tritech Engineering

Tritech explores the synergies that can be achieved by appointing the same contractor for Mechanical and Electrical works.

Tritech is a mechanical, electrical, and maintenance contractor, formed in 1999, delivering high quality projects across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial, and mission critical. We are continually evaluating new products, technologies and innovative solutions in service execution so as to exceed expectations while delivering quality and value for our clients.

As a multi-trade subcontractor, we approach each project looking for ways to eliminate and minimise waste or duplication while at the same time leveraging opportunities for collaboration and reduced time on-site. Starting with the estimating process right through to on-site construction and handover our mechanical and electrical teams work together to ensure project success.

There are many benefits to appointing the same mechanical and electrical contractor and here we focus on our top three:

Estimating & Programme
The moment we get a project in the door at Tritech, we start looking for ways to elevate collaboration and streamline on-site installation. Our mechanical and electrical estimating team works closely together to ensure redundancies and scope gaps are eliminated. This internal trade coordination can also help to eliminate multiple levels of mark-up, such as general conditions and overhead.
By handling both trades under one roof we can save time, eliminate grey-areas and shorten the project programme. Instead of focusing on mechanical or electrical drawings separately, we look at the project as a whole to determine the most efficient methods of delivery. Crucially our cost and time savings are passed down the chain to the client and end-user meaning a win-win-win for the whole project team.

Single-Source Accountability
Historically finger-pointing and grey-areas are issues which plague construction projects and push out deadlines. Having one mechanical and electrical team from inception through completion means single-source accountability from specialists you know and trust. There’s no need to search through layers of subcontractor contacts to learn about the status of drawings, programmes or other issues. Tritech is the only contact you’ll need to stay on top of every element of your project.

Secret Weapon
Our secret weapon is our collective, diverse experience. Our combined Tritech teams know that clients are relying on us for our expertise, our thoughts, and our insights to make tangible differences to their project.

Having cross-service experience in many different industry sectors means our teams have been exposed to alternate approaches that can save time and money. They also know each other at a professional and personal level and have strong working relationships. As opposed to two individually appointed mechanical and electrical teams where previous experience of working together or crossover may be minimal or non-existent thus exacerbating the possibility of initial teething problems. Having the benefit of over 20 years of collaborative experience really is our secret weapon when it comes to staying on time and on budget while exceeding building engineering partnerships.

We’re here to help
The synergies at Tritech’s mechanical and electrical management and operational levels means that we can bring our proven management expertise, experience and ethos to every project.

We’re here to help you optimise your building. We have invested heavily in both our staff and our technology to ensure we continually improve our services. We’re here to help and answer any question you might have so Get In Touch!