Tritech Enters The Eurozone with Enterprise Ireland

August 3, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

Joe Delaney, Tritech Managing Director and Chris Duffy, Electrical Operations Director, recently completed the Enter the Eurozone programme with Enterprise Ireland. The programme is designed to help Irish businesses enter new markets in the Eurozone, and Tritech will use the knowledge and skills gained from the programme to expand into the Swedish market.

Joe Delaney

Participants in the Enter The Eurozone program

“We are delighted to have completed the Enter the Eurozone programme with Enterprise Ireland. The programme has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of market entry strategies, as well as practical tools and frameworks that we can readily apply to our own business endeavours. We are confident that the knowledge gained from this event will significantly contribute to our future success in navigating new markets.”  – Joe Delaney, Tritech Managing Director.

Enter The Eurozone

Joe Delaney’s certificate of completion

“The Enter the Eurozone programme has been an invaluable experience for us. The informative sessions, engaging workshops, and valuable networking opportunities have provided us with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. We are particularly grateful for the support of the Enterprise Ireland team, who have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the programme.”  – Chris Duffy, Electrical Operations Director at Tritech.

Enterprize Ireland

Chris Duffy’s certificate of completion

First port of call – Sweden

Tritech has developed a market entry plan for Sweden, which incorporates comprehensive research, market analysis, and a tailored approach to address the specific requirements of the Swedish market. We are confident that our strategic initiatives will help it establish a strong foothold and build successful partnerships in the region.

We are also looking forward to the  cultural exchange that will accompany this market entry. Embracing the Swedish values of sustainability, equality, and innovation, Tritech aims to contribute positively to the local community and foster long-lasting relationships with GC’s and project stakeholders.

In the coming months, Tritech will be diligently working to implement its market entry plan and bring its specialist services to the Swedish market. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that await us, and we are confident that this partnership with the Enter the Eurozone Programme will continue to provide guidance and support along the way.

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