Tritech makes another big win for safety with the All Ireland Occupational Safety Award

November 22, 2022 Published by Tritech Engineering

A joint initiative between NISO (National Irish Safety Organisation) and NISG (Northern Ireland Safety Group), the All Ireland Occupational Safety Awards has grown to become Ireland’s premier safety awards. Winning one of these awards demonstrates the positive and proactive culture of safety management within a business. So we were, of course, honoured to be recognised at the 31st Annual Occupational Health & Safety Awards in 2022 with a Distinction for our Safety First culture.

Proof of our commitment to the safety of our workforce and their working environment, this is not the first time that Tritech has been acknowledged by NISO at this event. In fact, we have been awarded with a Distinction every year since 2018, making this the fifth year running. Quite a distinction indeed!


Safety is a pillar of Tritech’s culture

Tritech is dedicated to continuous improvement in our safety standards. We make it a central pillar of our culture, providing regular training to our team with modules including Managing Safely in Construction, CIF Site Supervisor training for all management personnel, as well as  ongoing training for all of our staff. The Training Academy we established in 2020 enables us to focus on upskilling our apprentice and tradespeople and observe best practice with training in behavioural based safety and a range of health and safety initiatives such as safety representative committees, regular onsite safety campaigns and competitions with regular awards to acknowledge our workforce’s efforts.


We put the safety of each other first

Proving our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our workers instils a safety-oriented mindset in our workforce. Every member of our team, whatever their expertise or skillset, no matter their time in the company, is taught to put equal emphasis on both their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. Tritech encourages each and every person in the organisation to review and input their thoughts on our safety processes and procedures to help improve our Safety First culture. Our Safety Committee, made up of people representing all our divisions, provides a safe space for discussion on any safety matters within the working environment and promotes recommended health & safety initiatives.


Safety matters for Tritech and our clients

In the world of construction and engineering, safety is not just another box to tick, while awards for safety are more than “nice to have”. Safety is something that clients, their organisation, shareholders and stakeholders demand on their projects. Awards such as this one provide us with a unique differentiator when it comes to winning, tenders, getting on frameworks and helping customers achieve their goals.

They provide us with an opportunity to conduct regular internal health and safety audits and benchmark our performance against our competitors.

It’s one thing to say you have a commitment to making sure your employees get home safe and well every day. It’s another thing altogether to be recognised for it with such a prestigious award. We look forward to a sixth consecutive Distinction at the Annual Occupational Health & Safety Awards in 2023!