Why a lead coordinator for all services is important for your data centre project

September 15, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

Ireland continues to be an attractive destination for data centres, due largely to its low corporate tax rate, strong data protection regime, cool climate, educated workforce, and central geographical location between the US and Europe.

According to the Irish Times, there are more than 75 data centres operating in the country – with eight under construction and a further 30 in planning. The majority of these are located in Dublin, which has now become the largest data centre hub in Europe.

Why an M&E contractor as lead coordinator makes so much sense

Data centre construction is a complicated business. In terms of construction, what sets data centres apart from large multi-purpose structures such as warehouses or logistics centres is the complex mechanical and engineering challenges they face.

Data centres must incorporate strategic cooling systems to lower the risk of damaging equipment, and systems to carefully monitor energy usage, while maximising the space available for server cabinets.

The proportionally larger value of mechanical and engineering work on data centre projects – which can be up to 70% of the job – has meant that M&E contractors such as Tritech are perfectly placed to act as the lead coordinator on data centre construction projects.

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Optimising the performance of your data centre building

With severe heat waves gripping much of southern Europe this summer, there is renewed focus on Ireland’s projected failure to meet its carbon emission reduction targets. This is at a time when new official figures show that electricity usage by data centres in Ireland is surging, with them using almost a fifth of the country’s electricity in 2022. This is the same amount used by all urban homes during the same period(!)

However, as Garry Connolly of Host in Ireland puts it, referring to this report from the International Energy Agency, data centres are constantly evolving. “Since 2010, there has been a 25-fold global increase in Data. Emissions have grown modestly despite this rapidly growing demand for digital services, thanks to energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy purchases by ICT companies and broader decarbonisation of electricity grids in many regions.” But, he adds, this is no reason to get complacent on emissions.

Optimisation of energy efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions, as well as expertise in this area, is going to be of the highest priority, both in financial and environmental responsibility terms, for end users. But what concerns clients perhaps the most is latency (delays in the transmission of data) as the result of outages.


Tritech Project: Data Centre Chiller Upgrade

Tritech Engineering was contracted by a confidential Data Centre company to replace four chillers in one of their primary buildings. The project entailed managing all facets of the project, including traffic management, cranage, and consulting with all stakeholders.

The project was completed in four phases: decommissioning the existing chillers, removing the existing chillers and craning in the new chillers, completing all mechanical and electrical terminations to the new chillers, and fully commissioning the plant.

The client expected a high standard finish and quality assurance, which Tritech achieved by implementing a plant tagging system. The project also faced the unique challenge of working beneath 110KV overhead lines, but Tritech successfully liaised with the ESB to achieve the programme dates without causing disruption.

Tritech consulted with all stakeholders on the project to ensure clear communication, and utilised offsite fabrication and just-in-time deliveries to reduce health and safety risks. Colour-coded plant tagging was also introduced to provide clarity to all trades and the client.

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