Why investing in our people and technology matters at Tritech

July 28, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

At Tritech our mission is to help our clients optimise and add value to their buildings. What enables us to do this on a consistent basis is our continuous, ongoing commitment to investing in both our people and our technology. Because people and technology go hand in hand you can’t invest in one without investing in the other. Keeping our technology up to date allows our teams to be more effective and efficient but we, in parallel, provide all of the necessary training to take full advantage of its capabilities. It might have become somewhat of a cliché, but our people are our most valuable asset, and the management teams at Tritech protect and preserve that asset.

We put everything into keeping the best people

With the work we do so technical in nature, and so focused on innovation and problem solving, keeping the best players on our team really matters. Employee happiness and providing our people with a work environment in which they are inspired to greater productivity and achieving the high standards important to us is crucial. So when it comes to upgrading our technology and upskilling our team members to match, we’ve gotten into the practice of constantly raising our game and investing continuously.

How better technology benefits staff retention

The engineering industry is a rapidly evolving one with advancements in IoT, Big Data, cloud-based collaboration, and advanced materials driving the industry forward at unprecedented pace. Having the most state-of-the-art construction industry technology is critical for the success and job satisfaction of our engineers. At Tritech we are constantly monitoring, reviewing and evaluating existing and emerging platforms that help us to lead the field when it comes to construction and engineering technology and, in the process, retain our very best people.

For us, the fact our staff know they are equipped with world-class, industry-standard tools inspires them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Technologies such as building information modelling (BIM) and common data environments (CDE) enable them to collaborate with clients, project managers, and all other stakeholders more effectively, increasing their accuracy and productivity, and providing them with a real sense of job satisfaction.

Tritech is a place our people feel they belong

A sense of purpose and belonging has emerged as one of biggest drivers of employee engagement and retention. A feeling of belonging inspires their work and drives them to strive for better results. As we invest in our people at Tritech and see them continue to grow and progress, it is clear that our staff want more than a nine-to-five job. What they really want is purpose, in the form of a career that gives them more meaning and more opportunities for personal development.

Tritech Academy

Retaining your most valuable staff is one thing, but they don’t rise to that standard without the proper nurturing, development and training. So to provide our apprentices with the right foundations, we established the Tritech AcademyFrom the moment our apprentices begin, we continually track their progress and provide them with all of the tools they need to improve their skills, as we mentor each individual on their path to becoming better qualified and more expert in their trade.

What our people say

“The culture at Tritech is all about teamwork – our project teams combine expert knowledge, help and leadership and we always have access to senior people for guidance.”

Seán Sheridan

Electrical Project Manager


“There are so many opportunities at Tritech to develop my own skills and qualifications. Further study is encouraged and facilitated and we can play to our strengths while gaining new skills.”

Juliana De Paula

Mechanical Project Engineer


“I have really noticed how confident and competent our apprentices have become from the practice of skills development and problem solving. They are dramatically upskilling and bringing the latest elements of their education to practice. This benefits the individual, the business and ultimately the profession.”

Mark Farrell

Training Academy Coordinator


Want to know more?

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