Women in Construction and Engineering: Changing the Industry

March 9, 2023 Published by Tritech Engineering

Celebrating what our female team members contribute for International Women’s Day & Women History Month

According to the CSO Labour Force Survey, women made up just 9% of the construction workforce in Ireland in 2022. At Tritech we are doing our best to #breakthebias and work to even the gender balance. Taking a look at the make-up of our management team shows some of the progress we have made so far, with five of the 28 faces belonging women – That’s just under 18%. By no means equal, it is a move in the right direction, and we’re looking forward to improving that percentage right across our workforce.

The Way our Industry and People Work is Evolving

There was a time when the reason for our industry being so male dominated was that it was all heavy, manual work, requiring constant lifting and carrying of heavy items and therefore a lot of physical strength. But that is becoming less and less of an issue with the advent of new tools and technology that eliminate the need for that kind of physicality. We are quickly arriving at a point where there is no reason why women cannot do the same jobs as men.

The Benefits of Gender Diversity in Construction and Engineering

Despite the low number of women working in our industry here, there is evidence their participation can bring many benefits to the industry. Research has shown that gender diversity leads to improved decision-making, increased creativity, and enhanced innovation. Companies with more even gender balance are also more likely to outperform those that lack diversity, making the case for increased female representation in construction and engineering.

How Tritech is Advocating for Women in Construction and Engineering

For International Women’s Day and Women History Month, Tritech looked to the women on our team for their perspective on the construction industry and the role they play in the success of the company.


Gillian Dempsey & Shareleen Jansen Van Vuure

Gillian Dempsey

Human Resource Manager

Gillian was appointed Group HR Manager for Tritech in 2022 and has more than 20 years of operations management experience.

“There’s been a social shift and it’s definitely more accepted to be a woman in the industry now. This is partly due to equal opportunities for woman to participate in construction studies in both second and third level education, and STEM Outreach Programs aimed at encouraging young women to consider a career in construction. The construction industry, and companies like Tritech in particular, have prioritised equality, diversity and inclusion over the past number of years. A more inclusive future will result in better opportunities, regardless of gender, race, or education. Welcoming women into the industry will allow us to build a better tomorrow.”


Shareleen Jansen Van Vuuren

Group Health & Safety Manager

With 14 years in construction safety, Shareleen joined the Tritech team in 2022 to help us achieve high-quality health, safety and environmental compliance.

“More and more women are being accepted for various roles within the industry, not just administrative ones. Here at Tritech, women are involved in project management, where the big planning and construction decisions are being made. This industry teaches you to stand strong and push yourself onto greater heights. It’s important not to identify as an outsider, because women bring something unique to the team.”


Debbie Fitzgerald, Lisa Keane, Ciara Gill, Shareleen Jansen Van Vuuren, Amy Lowry, Gillian Dempsey, Diana Moisa, Lorraine Sheehan

Lisa Keane

Group Financial Controller

First joining Tritech in 2004 as financial controller, Lisa supports the management team in their decision making. She enjoys being part of a growing company like Tritech, where we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing world.

“So many members of my family were in the industry, I didn’t see any problem coming into it. The only adversity I’ve faced came in the form of COVID and the 2008 financial crisis, things everyone had to deal with. You need to be resilient in the construction industry as it is always changing. I’ve helped Tritech to change business models on numerous occasions and working practices to cope with these challenges.”


Lorraine Sheehan

Group Purchasing Manager

Lorraine has been with Tritech for over a decade and is a positive influence on everyone around her, maintaining key relationships with our suppliers and contractors.

“I was completely unfamiliar with the industry when I joined Tritech on a ‘temporary basis’, 12 years ago(!), but I’ve built myself a successful career in an industry I now really enjoy. As Tritech continues to grow, I’ve been given the opportunity to adapt and the space to lead and develop my own department.“

If you would like to know more about working at Tritech, or have questions about being a woman in the construction and engineering industry, visit our Careers page.